Andalusian Project


Let’s say that you had the ability to travel back in time and wanted to visit somewhere in the 7th century. Your purpose? You desire to better the future by explaining the true nature of the world (as understood by your superior 22nd century brain) to people in the past. So, you hop into your DeLorean and travel back 1500 years to desert Arabia. Upon reaching the tormenting heat of the peninsula,… Read More

On October 26, 2018 I gave a lecture on the erroneous claim that there are ‘scientific miracles’ in the Qur’an. This event was facilitated by the Muslim Debate Initiative and the Ohio State University MSA.

The Mad Mamluks were gracious enough to interview me in November 2017 about my first paper for  Yaqeen Institute, “The Structure of Scientific Productivity in Islamic Civilization: Orientalis’ Fables”

A lecture I gave on Feb. 28th for Al-Balagh Academy on the subject of science and scientism.  

Asalaamualaykum everyone. I’ve just published my first article for Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research titled “The Structure of Scientific Productivity in Islamic Civilization: Orientalists’ Fables”. Below is a short abstract. You may download the pdf here. The popular analysis (promulgated by Orientalists) on the rise and decline of scientific productivity in Islamic civilization dichotomizes the events of Islamic history as a conflict between religion and reason. This analysis has since come to… Read More

In Part 1 we examined the basic arguments for God’s existence, the concept of the fitrah – otherwise known as ‘intuition’ – and how it works.[1] In this part we will elucidate the justification behind the intuition’s existence, how evidence is not always necessary, and how belief in God is intuitively justifiable.