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This article is a brief overview of my position on the punishment for apostasy within Islam. Over the years, I have discussed it very few times, whether in video or on social media platforms. The reason being is because I never felt it necessary to discuss unless asked or challenged on a particular point. Most of my dawah work focused on refuting ex-Muslims and Islamophobes, yet there were few times it was… Read More

The Mad Mamluks were gracious enough to interview me in November 2017 about my first paper for  Yaqeen Institute, “The Structure of Scientific Productivity in Islamic Civilization: Orientalis’ Fables”

Recently I published another academic article on my profile titled, “The Archetype of Beauty in Islam”. Below I have provided the abstract and a brief excerpt of the article. For the full article, please follow the link. Enjoy. _________________________________________ Abstract: Beauty as a word has become an inseparable part of everyday communication. When uttered it is grasped and perceived immediately by the conjuring mind. Beauty as a concept, however, is littered with different… Read More

Recent events have proven to be an obstacle towards dialogue centered on coexistence; only helping to marginalize the marginalized even further. The beginning of this year (2015), January 7th, once again not only showcased the position of dialogue and its power within civilization, but also how different the Western world approaches the concept compared to the majority of Muslims. Most importantly, the tragedy that occurred, which claimed the lives of 17 people… Read More