The Andalusian Project


The first volume of the official iJihad Wiki where you can explore the lore, history, and characters behind iJihad. Advertisements

In this episode we analyze another video by The Masked Arab titled “Islam and ISIS – Offensive Jihad”, where he argues that ISIS’s aggressive military policies are driven by Islamic sources. Unfortunately for The Masked Arab, his own sources refute him again.

In this episode we deconstruct two videos in a series by The Masked Arab where he argues that ISIS represents the teaching of Islam. Although a speaker of Arabic, unfortunately The Masked Arab can do little else.

In this episode we continue our analysis of Gryffix’s and Kraut & Tea’s arguments regarding Islamic fundamentalism and radicalization. We also reveal an inconvenient truth regarding the actual values behind the motivation and justification of violence among Muslims in the contemporary world. In response to those desiring an Islamic “reformation”, we provide the exact date when said reformation occurred and what to expect from it.

In this episode we analyze a video called “Suicide Bombings and Islam: An Apologist’s Guide”, where SargonOfAkkad argues that terrorism and suicide bombing are motivated and justified by Islam. Unfortunately for him, the evidence points to the contrary.

In this episode we analyze some claims made by Dutch Youtuber ‘Gryffix’ who argues that Islamic fundamentalism leads Muslims to justify and support the violent imposition of Islam on to others – and in many cases– even leads them directly to violence. However, the evidences she uses in support of her claim don’t match up.