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Imagine the Ottoman Empire was never dismantled and went on to win World War 1 and World War 2. As a result, it ends up conquering most of Europe and dividing it on ethnic-nationalistic lines. Subsequently, in an attempt to avert a future world war, the Ottomans form the ‘United Empires’ between itself and its allies — hoping to spread its influence across the world. As a result of rising costs and… Read More

Research Fellow Asadullah Ali gives a pragmatic look at atheism, particularly focusing on 3 areas of doubt in today’s world: the problem of evil, the problem of representation, and the problem of belief. Visit for more videos and full access to all research publications. Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @yaqeeninstitute!

In the past few years, many Muslims have been doubting their faith and some have left the religion all together. There are numerous factors as to why, ranging from intellectual confusion, emotional issues, and pressures from dominant societies. However, one aspect has rarely been discussed: the fact we also live in what is called the ‘Information Age’ and its negative influence on the way we perceive and understand Islam and Muslims. But… Read More

One day you find a book on the floor and decide to open it. The first line you read is: “Anne saw Klaus approaching her from the distance. She made sure to stay very still as the man walked towards her. When he finally got close enough she stabbed him and killed him.” In disgust, you throw the book down, wanting nothing to do with such a morally repugnant story. How could… Read More

A lecture I gave on Feb. 28th for Al-Balagh Academy on the subject of science and scientism.  

God’s existence, or lack thereof, has been debated throughout human history. Theists and atheists alike have offered their best arguments to justify their positions on the matter, with most philosophers concluding that the discussion thus far has only resulted in a stalemate. Although the majority of the world concurs with the proposition that God does indeed exists, overwhelming support should not be considered a determinant in any debate; even if the majority… Read More