iJihad Wiki: Volume 1

The first volume of the official iJihad Wiki where you can explore the lore, history, and characters behind iJihad.

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iJihad Ep. 5

In this episode we analyze another video by The Masked Arab titled “Islam and ISIS – Offensive Jihad”, where he argues that ISIS’s aggressive military policies are driven by Islamic sources. Unfortunately for The Masked Arab, his own sources refute him again.

A discussion I had on Reviving Faith Radio (August 27, 2017).

I had the pleasure of giving an interview on Muslim Chronicles (www.muslimchronicles.com) last Ramadan. Therein I discussed issues related to extremism, liberalism, and fanaticism in the Muslim world.

A talk I gave at the ‘Islam, Science, and Sustainable Development’ Conference, hosted by IAIS, on 6 October 2015. This lecture covers Malaysia’s littering problem and how to solve the issue through policy reforms influenced by Islamic environmentalism.

A talk I gave at the International Muslimah Empowerment Conference (IMEC) 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hosted by Wanita ISMA.


A lecture I gave on 6 April 2016 at the International Islamic University of Malaysia.