An Alternate Reality

Imagine the Ottoman Empire was never dismantled and went on to win World War 1 and World War 2. As a result, it ends up conquering most of Europe and dividing it on ethnic-nationalistic lines.

Subsequently, in an attempt to avert a future world war, the Ottomans form the ‘United Empires’ between itself and its allies — hoping to spread its influence across the world.

As a result of rising costs and a faltering economy, the Ottoman’s start looking to the United States so as to procure more natural resources. In order to weaken the federal government, it stokes the flames of dissent in the southern states and funds Christian separatists. As a result, the Second Civil War begins and the Confederacy is reborn. The Protestant Christians of the south end up being resilient against the Northern forces and their Catholic/Orthodox allies. However, they are also extremely violent; slaughtering and enslaving any sect that disagrees with their views (e.g. the Mormons).

However, the Ottomans aren’t particularly concerned with any of this, despite having Catholic/Orthodox allies over in Europe, because they’re only goal is to destabilize the region.

Eventually, the Confederacy wins and a deal is made between the new Christian nation and the Ottomans for discounted oil exports and other natural resources. As time goes by, things seem stable despite the numerous conflicts occurring over in the Americas. The Ottoman’s continue to sell weapons to the Confederacy and the natural resources keep coming in.

Back over in Europe, the conquered and oppressed people of the province of France have become agitated by Ottoman rule. A new resistance has formed idolizing the first French Revolution and the works of Auguste Comte. These upstart French youth decide to call themselves the ‘New Jacobins’ and begin terrorizing the population — seeing religion as the reason for their woes. Having no conventional weaponry, they plot numerous bombing campaigns in and around Paris. Some even go so far as to advance the idea of suicide bombing. Finally, one young man volunteers to be the first sacrifice for the New Republic.

He waits for the Friday prayers to begin at the government mosque and watches as thousands come to attend the Imam’s sermon. The facility is packed full of devout worshipers wearing “normal” clothing. Putting on the same Ottoman dress, the young man rushes into the middle of the swelling crowd and shouts “For Liberty!”

He detonates himself.

Body parts are strewn across the courtyard. The images of innocent men, women, and children, lifeless and bloodied on the floor, are broadcasts all across the world to see. Soon, the Ottoman Empire begins to clamp down on radical Secularists. Discussions about the dangers of Secularism begin to be had on all major news stations. Ex-Secularists are interviewed to give their expertise about the barbarous nature of secularism and its teachings. Separation between Religion and State? No. The eradication of religion from the state.

But just as one threat is being identified, another is about to arrive. Back over in Confederate lands, an extremist group of secular rebels wants to reclaim the land under secular-liberal principles. They too blame the Ottoman Empire for their current plight, so they decide to send a message. A select few of them apply for immigration visas to the Empire and begin working there as pilots in training. Eventually, on November 9th, they hijack 3 commercial airliners and slam them into the Hagia Sophia and the Instanbul Military Office while screaming “For Liberty!”.

Another terrorist attack. Thousands are killed. Caliph Erdogan and his administration soon find out who was behind it. They call themselves ‘The Federalists’ — a splinter were once part of the Northern Army during the Second Civil War. Enraged, the Ottoman Empire demands the Confederate territories give up the rebels, but the latter have no clue where these people are and whether or not they really did it.

Dissatisfied with this response, the Ottoman Empire declares war and invades the Confederacy. The Ottoman Army searches everywhere for the terrorist leader, George Bush Jr., but to no avail. They take down state after state, killing both Confederate and Federalists alike with the help of disgruntled Native Americans. The country is completely destroyed. Millions are slaughtered.

“Mission Accomplished” the Caliph declares. The Ottoman’s take over all the natural resources as payment and divide the country accordingly. In thanks to their Native American allies, they turn California into the Native American homeland and promise to teach about the genocide that occurred against them by secular forces so many generations ago.

However, the mission was not accomplished. More and more mosques are bombed. People become increasingly scared over time. The radical secularists still terrorize the population while the ‘moderates’ declare they have nothing to do with their principles. “‘For Liberty’ is meant for peace, not war”, they say. Discussions about Ottoman values become a central theme. Combating radicalization and extremism become the next items on the list — then stricter immigration laws. The wars continue and no one is to blame, but the terrorists themselves. And the story goes on with no end in sight…

The world as we know it.

5 Comments on “An Alternate Reality

  1. Wow. That was amazingly written well done.

  2. Mashallah. I love you for the sake of Allah.
    By the second paragraph, i realized where this was going.
    Very well written ofcourse and very thought provoking.

  3. What a mental wank you have written. Thanks Kemal for destroying the caliphate

    • “mental wank”

      I’m guessing this is peasant speak for “I’m not intelligent enough to comprehend what was written”.

      • lol 100% – this was a lit read!

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