An Unfortunate Realization

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a blogpost here at the project. For that, I apologize, but I’ve been rather busy with many things — mostly work related. I find myself having some time as I wait at the airport in Tokyo for my next flight off to the United States.

The reason I write this is because of an unfortunate realization I had while flying over Nagasaki and Hiroshima. They were clear as day under the rising sun and displayed colorfully on the digital map above my window seat. I must say I felt nervous about the reactions of my neighboring passengers, most of whom were Japanese.

Not a blink. Not a sigh. Not even a distant glance out the window at the historical grounds of one of the most horrendous acts of violence the world has ever known — their grandfathers and grandmothers perhaps being one of the victims; If not to the bomb, then the radiation aftermath. I think it was their seeming apathy at such history or their strong attempts to simply ignore it that disturbed me the most. After less than a century an entire culture, once proud and distinct, was literally brought to rubble and transformed by its enemies. Japan, it seems, is something that once was and is now simply a carbon copy of the U.S. — forcibly converted.

Every day, it seems, it is far easier to understand that the current world powers are merely projecting their accusations of violence and primitive behavior onto the rest of the world.


6 thoughts on “An Unfortunate Realization

  1. Dear AsadullahAli: You observe and speak truth! The West exists in an empty quarter willingly misled by self-mirages and even synthesizing those mirages in futile quest of a security that–being a synthesis of mirages–is unsustainable. The way of God’s truth transcends this empty quarter; and is a straight way–the way of the perfecting Believer delighting in perfecting knowledge of and discourse with God.

  2. Yeah, because the Muslims are not acting like a bunch of animals of a b rated movie that most Americans have never seen. Muslims act like animals.

    • Yes Pump, all Muslims “act like animals” and your civilization is not responsible for anything horrific or violent. In fact, lets just forget all the barbaric mass murdering your civilized societies have done that makes the “animal Muslims” look like angels.

      • Angels my ass. You muslims are swine compared to the western world. Suicide bombings, stonings, beheadings, cowardly acts of terrorism, etc. You run like little girls when compared to the real men from the west. You soil your diapers when we bring the hammer of our might on your primitive asses. You hate the west so much yet you use our technology to cry like a little girl about us? You are a pathetic coward. Your muhammed (mhbih (may he burn in hell)) the child rapist and slave owner was a pathetic coward too and died like one.

        I’ve got a little secret for you, coward. When I was a soldier in Afganistan we used to put pork grease on our bullets before we shot your muslim cousins. How does that make you feel, bitch?

  3. I don’t feel the need to indulge in the “muslims are swine” abuse I can see above. However, I do feel the need to state that your final paragraph is a non-sequitur – nothing in the article leads to that conclusion unless, of course, one has already decided that the comments in the final paragraph are a truth that doesn’t need a supporting argument.

    The fact that the Japanese have now come to terms with their past and the horrific destruction at Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the extent that they may be able to fly over those sites without visibly reacting demonstrates little more than the human ability to absorb a reality and “move on”. The fact that the Japanese have left so much of their past in the past says nothing about whether that past was worth holding on to for them, nor whether the Japanese population are happy being, as you put it, “simply a carbon copy of the U.S.”. And, certainly, the socio-economic status of Japan now or the events so many years ago say nothing whatsoever about the reality of (yes, or lack thereof to be fair) “violence and primitive behavior” in the rest of the world today.

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